3 Ways to Recycle Your Balers Twine

We are going to show you in this article the ways on how you can recycle your used Unipak balers twine. Your barn is probably full of used twine right now. Make the most out of them through these three effective recycling methods.

Send Used Bale Twine to Recycling Centres

Balers TwineThere are a ton of recycling centres that will accept bale twines and other types of ropes. In fact, you can find one online today. Just search through Google and talk to the company representative via chat. You can also give them a call about your interest in giving away your used bale twines. Once you’ve agreed about it, you can then head to their main recycling centre, drop off your twine and be on your way. Some recycling centres even buy your twines. Which means they will give you some good money in exchange for your used balers twine. That means you can necessarily earn some extra cash while recycling your bale twine in the process.

Turn Used Balers Twine into Decorations

If you like DIY activities, you can potentially turn your Unipak balers twine into a decorative feature that you can add to your home. Take all of your used bale twine, wash them thoroughly and have them prepared to be turned into decorations. Make sure you clean them properly to remove any dirt, dust, or oil that may have gotten stuck onto the fibres. Afterwards, you can now start turning them into decors. You can set your bale twine into a mug coaster, a mat, a string to hang your picture frames, a doormat, or as a fruit basket. There are also a lot of things that you can do with your used baler twines. Click this link now to get more ideas on how you can use your bale twines as decorations.

Give Away Your Used Balers Twine for Free

Some people would still find something useful out of used Unipak balers twine. They can turn it into decorations, as mentioned above, or they can also use it again. All they need is to wash them thoroughly, and they can be used again on the field. That makes giving your used twine away to people who can use them again is also a viable option. Keep in mind that the reason why you’re looking to recycle your bale twine is to get rid of it, all still adding value to it. That’s why giving it to people who can use it again is beneficial since it guarantees that it will not be put to waste. You’re also helping other farmers along the way.