Categories of Office Fit Outs and How They Affect Your Choices

For business owners and even the labourers involved in doing commercial or office fit outs, it can be challenging to determine who is responsible for the process, not to mention the different levels of project results and impact. “Who does the structural work?” “Who is responsible for the arrangement and design of furniture and fixtures?” That’s why we’ve prepared a brief introduction to different forms of the office layouts to explain what it means for a business to have the best office fit outs Adelaide.


What is Office Fit Out?

Commercial or office fit outs involve making interior spaces suitable for daily use. It is distinct from the structural work related to the foundations of the building. In most cases, the developer or contractor has completed the construction of the building, while the final development is done by a business development firm hired by the owner of the business. Office layouts can take different forms, depending on the level of finish of the building and the needs of the occupant.


3 Types of Commercial Fit Outs

There are currently three types of commercial fit outs. Shell and Core fit out, Category A and Category B fit outs.


Shell & Core fit out typically include structure, base, cladding, exterior work and common areas. It can also extend to entrance halls, main reception areas, basements, toilets, stairwells, parking areas, loading areas, elevator shafts, etc.


Category A fit-outs concern the level of development that the developer has already incorporated into the commercial space. Although there is no official definition, a Class A facility should generally include the following:


  • Storage
  • Mechanical and electrical services
  • Internal surface finishes
  • Raised floors and suspended ceilings.


Finally, Category B fit outs are the completion of interior space arrangements to meet the specific requirements of the corporate space. Category B fit out generally include:


  • The layout of the kitchen and the reception areas
  • Final finishes and painting
  • Installation of:

– Furniture

– Office and rest areas

– Specialist lighting

– Meeting rooms

– IT equipment

– audiovisual equipment

By giving you the types of fit-outs, you can decide on the best office fit outs Adelaide company who can turn your vision into fruition! (For example, the shell, structure as well as dividers are already in place, and you need a contractor to come and provide a cohesive layout plan. You can also source the furniture pieces that you will be needing. A combination of two types can as well be done or have the whole fit out project done by your trusted office fit out contractor.


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