Best Types of Socks for Runners

ORTC socks are an important part of every man’s wardrobe. They offer protection to feet from the cold, summer heat, and dryness, and they allow your feet to move comfortably while wearing shoes. They may be found in one form or a combination of many, including athletic socks, dress socks, foot socks, gym socks, work socks, casual socks, and slippers. Thus, socks can be worn with almost every type of outfit.

Athletic socks are designed to enhance athletic ability and promote good foot health. Athletic socks usually include a pair of toe socks, a pair of heel socks, a pair of arch supports, and a neutral-colored sock to avoid overheating during exercise. Athletic socks are not designed for protection but rather to provide the necessary comfort for exercising. In addition, the toe and heel of each pair of ORTC socks are padded with foam or rubberized surfaces to provide traction on sidewalks and streets.


To make socks more breathable and more comfortable, manufacturers sometimes add a little moisture to the material. For example, an athletic sock may be made with a little moisture-wicking fabric to pull in moisture from the air and help evaporate moisture when worn without sacrificing comfort. Most athletic-style socks have some moisture-wicking system, as it is a good idea to have some way to remove moisture from the inside of your foot while you’re in the water or off the beach. Most of these systems are fairly effective at pulling in moisture, but they don’t always get rid of all the moisture.

Other types of socks are called essential socks. They are typically thinner than regular pairs of socks and include such materials as wool. However, they are sometimes made of synthetic materials that aren’t as comfortable as wool, although they are certainly much softer and easier to wear. Essential socks tend to be one size fits all, so if you wear other pairs of socks, you probably only need to buy one pair of essential socks.

No-shows are another problem for athletes. For example, in a race, a runner may begin to show up to competition several times, but at the same time, be wearing the same pair of ORTC socks (or even the same pair of feet!). Wearing no-shows can greatly detract from your performance. It can cause you to run slower, stop faster, jostle around a little, and wear down your feet quicker. Your best bet for avoiding no-shows is to buy at least two pairs of socks for events you’ll be running in, but make sure you wash them separately.

For the ultimate in comfort, purchase a pair of ORTC socks. ORTC socks have been developed for athletes. They are made of cotton yet have the woolly-like feel of wool socks without the weight. The wool helps regulate temperature and keeps moisture away, so your feet stay cool and dry throughout the day.