How Does Bonaire Gas Ducted Central Heating Work?

Unfamiliar with how ducted systems work? Used this guide to help you understand one of the best methods that will give you warmth and comfort throughout the winter.

A ducted gas central heating system distributes the heated air throughout the house via a network of ducts, usually located in the roof cavity or under the floor. The air is heated in a heat exchanger, which is heated by a clean gas. Hot air enters every room through vents located in different parts of the house, such as the floor, ceiling or walls.

What is Bonaire heatingThe heated air then cycles back through an inlet (return vent or grille) usually located in the centre of the room which may be in the wall or ceiling. As the air cools, it is continually returned to the heat exchanger, heated and recirculated.

To heat a house, we usually need five air changes per hour to keep us warm. With cooling, the number of air increases to 10. The size of the house, therefore, dictates what size the heat exchanger is needed. Other factors that affect the exchanger depends on the insulation properties of the house, building materials, windows used, and local weather conditions.

Key Parts

Heat Exchanger (or Furnace)

The heat exchanger or the gas-fired burner functions by heating the air as it passes over it via air tubes. These tubes are specially designed to secure the efficient transfer of heat from the gas burner to the passing air.

What is Bonaire heating is that its gas heat exchangers are rated for efficiency as follows: MB3 – 3-star energy efficiency (84%), MB4 – 4-star efficiency (90%), MB5 – 5 Star efficiency (95%) – so the choice is yours.

The Ducts

Flexible ducts are used to distribute air from the furnace to the vents of the house. The ducts have thermal properties to minimize any heat loss in the transfer. It is also well protected with a fireproof jacket for the safety of your home.

Vents and Grilles

Often referred to as exits or entrances, grills and vents are the endpoints of the ducts in your home, and they must be either inconspicuous or embellished. As a result, stores carry a wide range of elegant ventilation grilles, ceiling diffusers and floor and wall vents.

Zone Dampers

What is Bonaire heating? It is a ducted system that can be fitted with multiple zones, which are mechanically driven to shut off. These stop the flow of air. In your home’s ducting plan, there may be areas that are often not used, e.g. guest or spare bedrooms. By installing a zone damper, you can stop the flow of warm air to those areas, thereby reducing your running costs.


Allows you access to configure and control the operation of the remote furnace. Controllers generally allow 24/7 programming and have defined features such as zone operations, summer breeze functionality. The controllers can be wall-mounted or remote (wireless).