Affordable Air Conditioning Adelaide Maintenance Tips Every DIY Homeowner Should Know

As a homeowner, air conditioning maintenance is something you should take into serious consideration. While you can always leave it to the professionals, you can also do it by yourself once the opportunity arises. We want you to achieve success in your DIY efforts. That’s why we have here some affordable air conditioning Adelaide maintenance tips that will surely help you out. So, here are some useful tips that you need to follow to achieve success in air conditioning maintenance:


Clean/Change the Air Filters

One of the essential maintenance tasks that will significantly improve overall AC performance is routinely checking, cleaning, or replacing your air filters. If your AC plated filters that are an inch thick, consider replacing them at least once a month. If you’re unsure with the type of air filter you’re using, head to your local hardware store and make inquiries with the salesperson. For other filter sizes, clean them at least once a year. Remember to inspect your filters every month to see how they’re holding up and if they need any servicing.


Clean Your Coils Thoroughly

Your AC’s condenser and evaporator coils will accumulate dirt over time. It’s one of the main reasons why your air conditioning unit isn’t providing adequate cooling performance. A dirty coil insulator will restrict airflow and limit its capacity to insulate air temperatures. You can avoid this issue by performing affordable air conditioning Adelaide maintenance. Check your condenser coils at least twice a year. If they’ve collected too much dirt, clean them right away.


Eliminate any Debris from Your AC Unit

Your air conditioner will gather dirt and debris over time. Things like leaves, grass blades, and other outdoor debris can potentially enter and get stuck inside your air conditioner. Once your system accumulates too much of this debris, it’s performance will gradually decrease until it no longer provides adequate coolness. The worst thing is that once it restricts airflow completely, your air conditioner will potentially break. That’s why you should make sure you trim your shrubs and plants that are surrounding the outer portion of your air conditioner. At the same time, clean the interior of your AC to prevent any buildup of dirt and dust.


These affordable air conditioning Adelaide tips will help keep your AC unit functioning optimally. At the same time, you will also benefit having a high-performing air conditioner that provides superb cooling. For more tips on how to maintain your HVAC systems, check out our blog page now.