The Significance of Your Local Bottle Recycling Depot

RC – Columbia Bottle Recycling Depot can be found at 1420 Northwest Blvd., Suite A-B, Burnaby, BC. The address isn’t quite correct as the depot isn’t on Hwy 3 in Paynesville, BC, but Hwy 3 on Payne Street, down about 75m from the corner on your street. Long description: As with all Canadian Bottle Recycling Depots, you receive a deposit upon receipt of your plastics and then can either keep your bottle or place it for collection at an office location (such as Smelters Depot) or have it picked up at a sorting facility (for aluminium and carbonated beverage bottles).


When: There are several times when this particular bottle recycling depot may get a dynamic load of bottles – particularly at the start of the month when businesses open and will probably fill the parking lot up as well. If you’re interested in placing a large order of beverage bottles for recycling, there’s no charge to place your order. However, if you want a particular size, colour, style or brand of bottle, you must call and make your order in advance so that the sorting facility can have insufficient supply.


How: It’s very simple to visit the bottle recycling depot. You remove your plastics, glass or cans from your home, garage or work area and fill up a bin with them. Once they have been collected, the container is closed, locked, and placed in a secure, out of the way location. Then you drive off in your vehicle, which is accompanied by a pickup slip so that you can collect your rewards. If you’d rather skip the drive, two shuttle buses are operating by the entrance, one departing from Northchurch Drive and the other going to Westport.


Where: The bottle recycling depot is located in Northchurch. It is located on the corner of High Street and Broadway. In addition to the standard glass, paper and plastic bottles, the depot also sorts tin cans. If you wish to purchase cans, you place your purchase request on the Internet. If you have glass or paper, you will be asked to sort these items yourself at the location before collection.


Reasons for Recycling: The recycling reasons vary from business to business, but most establishments realize that their cans and bottles will be sold and disposed of anyway, so why not collect them for use in other products. Besides, there are other uses for the plastics, glass and cans you receive at the bottle recycling depot. Most often, it’s discovered that many individuals place unwanted plastics and glasses in their gardens and then never intend ever to use them again. glass can be broken into bits that can be used in garden edging or window tints. In contrast, cans are often used to fill bird feeders or small water troughs.


What Can I Get Here? The bottle and glass recycling depot accepts different kinds of bottles and glass. Glass containers are collected regularly and recycled through the reuse program. Paper and plastic bottles are sorted daily and recycled. So no matter what kind of bottle or glass you are sending to the depot, chances are that it can be used again at the local store.