Criminal Lawyers & Public Defender

A criminal lawyer is a legal professional specialising in the defense of businesses and individuals charged with criminal activity based on suspicion, evidence or testimony. Criminal defense lawyers are frequently referred to as criminal lawyers Perth, even though in many states they are required to be licensed separately from other attorneys. They defend individuals who have been accused of crimes ranging from simple traffic tickets to capital offenses such as murder and major drug trafficking. Criminal defense lawyers are also known as advocates, but there is an enormous difference between the two professional jobs. While an advocate can help to protect a client’s constitutional rights, a criminal lawyer can help a client to get a fair trial.

The Australian Constitution and the Supreme Court interpret and guarantee the powers of government officials to use reasonable discretion when carrying out their duties under the law. That means that police officers cannot arrest someone without first determining that a person is guilty of the crime in question. That also means that they cannot indefinitely detain a person without taking a person’s freedom away from them. It is important that criminal lawyers Perth defend those accused of crimes so that their rights are maintained.

Criminal law attorneys and public defenders work side by side to provide individuals with the highest level of legal representation available. Although police officers and prosecutors both perform important functions, they operate completely separate from one another in most jurisdictions. Because it is difficult to select the appropriate attorney for a given case, most people choose a public defender to represent themselves at trial.

criminal-lawyers-perthMost state constitutions afford criminal lawyers Perth and public defenders the right to legal representation. This ensures that defendants who cannot afford private counsel do not have no legal rights at all. Private counsel does not take the responsibility and burden of defending their clients as well as public defenders do. Private attorneys rarely offer a free consultation to potential clients. Instead they attempt to determine if the individual can be trusted with the responsibility of a legal case. Even then, the costs of hiring a private attorney can sometimes be unaffordable for some people.

The work of criminal lawyers and public defenders is often controversial due to their roles in assisting the guilty while holding the criminal defense attorney responsible for ensuring that their client’s rights are maintained. Often this plays out in the form of a ‘cost-for-service’ arrangement. For example, if the state offers drug treatment programs and court proceedings are free, many defendants to elect to accept the offer to avoid having to pay for representation. Some states, such as California, limit the number of drug treatment programs a prosecutor can present to one each calendar year.

It should be noted that criminal lawyers and public defenders play different parts in our justice system. Because of this, it is extremely important that anyone who is accused of committing a crime or even suspects wrongdoing is represented by the best attorney they can afford. Choosing the right attorney while budgeting appropriately will guarantee that the client receives a fair representation. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent attorneys who cater to all kinds of clients.