Some Essential Knowledge About the Net Wrap –

Are you using a net wrap for wrapping and covering silage? If so, then it always pays to know a little more about them. That’s why has created this article to give you some useful insight into the net wrap. We also provide other information like how to use net wrap properly, what it’s made from, and more.

Netwrap Length

Silage Wrap is the only net wrap manufacturer to produce a guaranteed guide to determining the ideal length of net wrap. Depending on controlled procedures, all production machines operation with a calibrated metering system. This feature is checked and verified regularly. The length of the roll is also measured and routinely checked using a roll ‘unwinding’ unit. Doing so will verify the accuracy of the metering equipment. Click here to learn more.


Netwrap Strength

The strength of net wrap is all dependent on the Machine Direction. That means the thicker the tapes hold the pressure of the bale, the better the results are going to be. Thinner tapes aren’t able to support the expansion pressure of the table. Instead, they only maintain the correct spacing. Learn more about it by visiting


Proper Baling

When it comes to appropriate baling, all the bale shape must be in uniform and flat across the surface. Bales that are uneven in form will cause the net wrap to go under enormous pressure, which can affect the overall quality of the bales.


Net Application

Now that you understand the significance of having uniform shapes and proper placement, it’s now time to focus on appropriate net wrap application. The net wrap must be applied on the outer surface of the bale only. If the crops are still being picked up as the net cover begins feeding into the baler, a portion of the net wrap will be inside the bale, instead of on the surface. If some of the net wraps are on the inside of the bale, it will create problems that will affect the baling process. Some of the issues include the following:


  • Increase in bale diameter.
  • Netwrap will be damaged once the bale is ejected.
  • Bale will not be secured since the net wrap is not holding the bale.


With fewer layers of net wrap on the bale surface, the net cover may not be able to withhold the bale pressure, which causes the bales to burst open.

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