Everything There Is to Know About Home Rendering Melbourne

If you’re looking to remodel or build a new house, then rendering might ring a bell to you. It’s currently among the best options available for protecting your home. However, for you to appreciate this type of coating material, you’ll need to get to know more of it. That’s why in this article, we’re going to show you everything you need to know about rendering Melbourne. Click here to read more.


What is Home Rendering?

A home render is a type of plastered finish that’s primarily for external walls. Renders provide your walls with a smooth and sturdy finish, protecting your brickwork against the elements of the outside. Commonly, a typical rendering project will take about two to three coats. That way, the surface of your wall will less likely experience any potential cracks and damages.


What are the Different Types of Renders?

Today’s rendering Melbourne finishes are miles away from the traditional grey and pebble dash of old-world housing. Before, it was always cement and sand renders. But now, people have the luxury of choosing on a wide variety of rendering types. Here are some of the most common renders available:


Cement Renders – the standard option. It’s commonly mixed on-site and are usually applied in several coats. After it has hardened, it will then be painted using your desired colour.

Polymer Renders – polymer renders come in second as it’s also a widely-used type of rendering solution. It’s a pre-mixed and pre-coloured rendering option. So, it’s basically the same as cement. But unlike cement, the preparation is less since everything is being prepared ahead of time. Click here to read more.

Lime Renders – lime renders have been in use for decades, dating back to the 1930s. It may be old and traditional as cement renders, but it’s making a comeback to the scene. Lime is quite superior to cement. It doesn’t trap any moisture which can potentially weaken the walls and make it vulnerable to damages. Additionally, it’s also visually appealing as it features a bunch of other designs and colours that homeowner can choose.


Can You Render Your Walls Yourself?

Of course, you can! Rendering is among the most doable DIY projects that you can do to improve the overall aesthetics of your house. However, if you’re doing an extensive rendering Melbourne project that involves rendering multiple walls, you will need the services of professionals. Additionally, if you have no idea whatsoever about rendering, hiring an expert who can provide you with the best output can be the ideal option.


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