The Most Versatile Small Square Bales – Features and Advantages

Small Square Bale Twine

Small square bale twine, more commonly known as a “net wrap” or “sisal twine”, is used extensively by the handicraft and craft industries to create all sorts of different products. There is no limit to what can be created with twine from beautiful blankets to beautiful baby gift sets to the clothing and accessories needed for everyday living. These wonderful little pieces are made from natural fibres, such as cotton, sisal, jute, and ramie, and are quite strong, so they don’t break easily. They come in many different colours and weaves, and are a very versatile material. For more information, visit BalingTwine now.


Although most sisal twines are not longer than one inch in length, many are available in very long distances. In fact, it may be challenging to find a small square bale twine that is longer than one foot, although this is not necessarily true of every variety. A large variety is available online, and you will often be able to purchase them from various website retailers or direct from the manufacturer.


In addition to being used as decorative products, sisal, jute, and ramie twines are also useful in a variety of other applications. For example, the large square sizes ultra grip net wrap sisal twine can be used to cover exposed wooden beams in the home. This is especially useful for covering beams that have been damaged by the elements or have splintered and require a certain level of protection during normal use. For more information, visit BalingTwine now.


Ultra-grip square twine can be a great addition to any home sewing or craft projects. If you use it for this purpose, you will need an optional needle guard to keep the twine to secure and prevent it from piercing your fingers. You can make these for yourself at home using a needle and thread, or purchase one that matches the size of the actual object you will stitch through. If you choose to purchase one, always make sure that the material is designed specifically for the purpose of which you are using it for. For more information, visit BalingTwine now.


If you choose to use this product in the home, several options are available for its use. You can either make your knot or purchase one. A common type of knot found in most products, but rarely seen in these products, is the 450 knot. This knot has a larger surface area than the traditional clinch knot used for lightweight and medium-sized projects. For projects where heavier materials will be involved, the Maxxcord and Ultra Grip 600 knots are great options.