How Do You Know If It is About Time to Replace Your AC?

If you live in Australia, you will need a reliable air conditioning system to beat the harsh summer months. It is not like you can rely on a conventional electric fan, especially at high noon in a temperate region.


When the temperature climbs up, an air conditioner can make life exceptionally comfortable. But the problem is that most people can’t recognise if their AC system is no longer efficient. Maybe, you have noticed that your system doesn’t seem to either cool or run as efficiently as before. Similar to all other appliances, your air conditioner may not also last forever. But a regularly serviced air conditioner will last much longer than one that is not depending on your unit, the climate you live in and how seldom you use it.


Keep in mind that even a well-maintained air conditioner might run into problems once it ages. So, to know if it is already time for you to replace your AC and consider a split system air conditioner & installation, further read this article. Here’s a list of signs that may indicate that you already need a replacement.


  1. The equipment is blowing either hot or cold air that’s inconsistent with the temperature you set.


Failure to cool or heat efficiently is one of the most common issues in an older air conditioning unit. Although it may still produce regular air levels, the air doesn’t come out either cold or hot as per settings. You may experience some warm air on a cool setting from time to time during regular use. However, you undeniably need to investigate if your unit stops producing cool air entirely and vice versa for heating.


Although it may sometimes mean low refrigerant levels, it can indicate severe issues like a damaged compressor.


  1. You hear some strange sounds or smell something burning.


The operation of a fully functioning air conditioning system must go almost silently. You will be familiar with any little sounds it creates as it cycles if you know your unit well. In fact, in your life’s sound symphony, those noises play a regular part. Thus, once you hear a noise that is far different from the norm, you need to act right away. Asking for repairs can be the meaning of those minor noise changes.


Moreover, you should not only consider the bad smell coming from your unit as a nuisance because it can be a sign of an issue that you must fix immediately. Your air conditioner’s insulation can be the reason behind the foul odours that your unit produces. It may now have some issues, or the ductwork has become mouldy.


Contaminated air is circulated through your home when the insides of the unit already have dirt, mould or mildew. If this happens, your family will suffer from severe health issues. Thus, never ignore those bad smells. A filter that needs replacing can be the reason with the strange smells that your unit produces. If this happens, you must not hesitate to check it first. It may be time to replace and consider a split system air conditioner & installation if your unit is still smelly after checking it.