Everything You Need to Know Before You Ask ‘Where to Find Heavy Blanket for Anxiety?’

You’ve been through the holiday season. So, there’s a chance that you’ve heard some of your friends, family, or relatives talking about how weighted blankets have changed their lives. You may have listened eagerly to their testimonial or just ignored them completely. Either way, we want you to know that what they are saying is try: weighted blankets are becoming the present and future of bedding accessories.

Where to find a heavy blanket for anxietyWeighted blankets have risen in popularity in recent years, this innovative blanket isn’t necessarily new. It’s long been used in the medical community, helping individuals who are dealing with specific disorders like autism, among others. It wasn’t until companies like the Gravity Blanket brought their flagship product and design to the mainstream public that people began noticing the effectiveness and potential of the weighted blanket. But before you even ask, ‘where to find a heavy blanket for anxiety?’ it’s essential for you to be aware of several factors.

What is a Weighted Blanket?

We would assume that you’re interested with what weighted blankets can offer yet you don’t know what it actually is. There’s a good reason why weighted blankets have become extremely popular. At its core, it all comes down to promoting better quality sleep. However, studies and tests show that it can also reduce the level of stress and anxiety that a person feels. So if you’re wondering what it truly is, we’re here to answer your question and put an end to your curiosity. Weighted blankets are more than just what you think it is: it’s a blanket with extra weight. This type of blanket is filled with small pellets or beats to give out the added weight, as well as promote the feeling of being hugged every time you use it. So, before you ask, ‘where to find a heavy blanket for anxiety?’ it’s best that you know what it is first.

What’s it Made of?

The beads and pellets are made from different types of materials. Know more about it by clicking this link. Weight-wise, weighted blankets can range from the standard five pounds to a whopping 40 pounds or even more. While it depends on your preference, several experts claim that the ideal weight and pressure of a weighted blanket should be 10 percent your weight. So if you’re a hundred pounds, the ideal weighted blanket for you should weigh 10 pounds.

Where to Find a Heavy Blanket for Anxiety?

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